Sites Created

The sites on this page were created by Elegantly Simple Solutions for clients. Please explore at your leisure to evaluate some of the work we have done. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach to designing sites. Carefull attention is paid to the wishes of the client to create a framework that meets your unique requirements. Although you are the boss as to the design of your site, we will guide you toward best practices and suggest various alternatives as appropriate.

If you have any comments or questions, please click here or on the link at the bottom of every page. We can also be reached by phone at 818-663-0345.

Click on any page image below to view the actual site in a new browser window.

A Coach for women entrepreneurs. She publishes a monthly newsletter and the feature article is added to the site each month. Other features are a contact form, an events calendar that changes often, and a products catalog for purchase with a PayPal interface.

A business site using a little Flash, a custom form layout, and work samples.

An auction site. Think of it as the anti-Ebay. It is designed to be easy to understand and use for someone with minimal computer skills. Written in ColdFusion to store items for the Auction, current and past bids & bidder identification information in a database.

A site for ordering candle products. Written in ColdFusion to store products and capture orders in a database. Also sends automatic e-mail correspondence.

A basic business site.

A product sales site with an interface to the “Agora Shopping Cart”. Agora is a free shopping cart application.

A business site (with some personal areas) for a homeopathic MD.

A wedding site with an automated RSVP including meal selection.

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