About Us

Elegantly Simple Solutions has been providing quality software services since our beginning in 1991. We provide the solution you desire in an elegantly simple manner.

I am Chris McParlane, the founder of Elegantly Simple Solutions. I have been working with computers, in my professional occupation, since graduating from the University of Michigan in 1971. I have devised solutions for many computer challenges over the years, and would like to have the opportunity to see how I could improve your situation. Implementing websites and obtaining respectable Google rankings is not rocket science, but there are many little things that all add up to a successful site. To discuss your ideas please call me at 818-663-0345.

Here is the story of how the name Elegantly Simple Solutions came about.
During the 1980s, I was the Chief Technology Officer of an aerospace manufacturer in southern California. The manager of the programming staff and I were interviewing several vendors who offered products for report distribution management. We were replacing our homegrown report system because of a change in operating systems. We had 2 or 3 critical requirements that the replacement system must provide. We made these requirements known to the prospective vendors and told them that any other functionality would be nice, but it first must meet our mandatory requirements.

Vendor after vendor would explain how their system was “Functionally Rich”. We sat through too many sales pitch presentations that glossed over our critical requirements, but went on endlessly touting feature after feature that was really neat, but that we did not need. We grew to despise the buzz words of the day “Functionally Rich”. We would just shake our heads and say we don’t need “Functionally Rich” - we want something “Elegantly Simple”. We finally found the solution that integrated seamlessly with our new operating system and met all our criteria. A few years later while brainstorming a name for this new venture the name resurfaced and Elegantly Simple Solutions was born.

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